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Is Your Service Provider Short Of Solutions?

Our experience and daily work shows - there is no such thing like being short of solutions. Each and every ranking problem is the result of a mistake made somewhere in the process. We are experts in finding such errors and fixing them. The character of search engines does not always allow fast changes. It depends on the nature of those mistakes, how long it needs to see changes in the search engine results pages. Nonetheless our on page and website analysis often allows to show results in a very short time. Most so called experts only see the process of optimization as a task of link building (off page optimization), while we analyze your site in first place using in-house developed AI (Artificial Intelligence) software, that allows us to see the holistic picture and enables us, to a certain degree, to achieve ranking changes performing on-page/site adjustments.

The services we offer are varying from analysis and consulting (might be just advice for your in-house SEO department or expert) to on- and off page optimization, market research and rank maintenance.


If you are interested in our proposal, please contact customer's service at: seo[@]






To Buy "Packages" Does Your Business A Bad Favor

It has become fashion (I tend to call it a bad habit) during the last years, to outsource almost everything, heading for mass (whatever), instead observing and contracting real expert services. The output has been such an amount of irregular search results, that Google (as always) responded with a mayor update, filtering those websites, whose webmasters did not follow the established rules.

We are not offering questionable prices for doubtful packages. Our pricing for SEO services is strictly bound to success. You get what you pay for strictly following the success (means ranking improvements) of your website as the result of our work.

We start our service usually with an exhaustive website, market and competition research. Analysing the history and every already established optimization factor is an indispensable, included task to provide you with a prognosis concerning the progress to expect.

For this research and report we charge an upfront payment and ask for your goals to reach. Taking in account all factors, you will pay then step by step as we progress with the positioning of your site.


Image 01 Web Design

If you like what you see in our portfolio, and if you want a new website, we'll be glad to here from you. Webdesign and site construction for companies and private use together with our consulting service will insure a good SE placement and the site ranking for YOUR desired search terms.

Image 02SEO Service

Our core Web Service is based on more than 15 years of SEO experience. Placing your website at the top of Google and other search engines in a fast and professional manner. We are experts in achieving YOUR goals the fastest and most natural way, exactly as Google likes.

Image 03Hosting

Several options of hosting accounts. Feel free to choose from Shared Server, VPS, Semi Dedicated and Dedicated Hosting Services from four different locations (Chicago, London, Stockholm, Sidney) depending on your marketing needs.

Image 04Programming

Your new website looks perfect, but now you want to have a shopping-cart, a forum or anything else added. Or maybe you want it completely secured against hackers. In either case, we can handle such tasks with ease.