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Confusions Panic & More

There's an epic confusion about what is working in Google right now. After all the crazy updates (PANDA, PENGUIN, EMDs and more) SEOs are LITERALLY going out of business because they're still stuck on old tactics. People are stuck on trying to fix their old methods, while in reality Google has evolved so much, that just throwing a bunch of spam links at a site no longer works - for good reason.

Before 2011, ranking a website was a pretty simple process... It was like the Gold Rush of the Wild West... Now Google has more information than ever before and some of the old tactics need to be changed... there is a need to adapt, plain and simple.  You *must* hit several factors if you want to start competing effectively.

So many people nowadays are saying that links aren't important. That couldn't be further from the truth.  There are too many Gurus not teaching from experience, but teaching from confusing and sometimes untruthful information from Google.

Links are STILL very effective... BUT you need to hit the other signals, and build the right links.

A good friend of mine, a SEO veteran who ONLY relies on experience, has been pulling in millions of visitors from Google over the years, and has done this by being a step ahead of what Google is looking for, seeing the big picture as a need, to achieve outstanding results.






Seo Expert or Company?

Search engine optimization needs no introduction to those who are running an online businesses. The importance of achieving visibility for targeted audiences is well known. It is a well proven fact, by surveys, that most sales are made by those websites whose rankings range from 1 to 5. An expert is a necessity for those who want to get their business flourished. There are thousands of search engine optimization companies whose target is to get for your website top 10 rankings on the most popular search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing etc. In order to plan SEO techniques, the question which bothers almost every businessman is who should be trusted – a SEO expert or a SEO firm? Well, there are pros and cons for both situations. Planning to hire a SEO company for your website, has strong reasons:

  • A SEO company is a reputed, organization where all your problems will be dealt professional.
  • There is a sense of security at your hands when you hand over SEO tasks to a reputed organization.
  • A company enables you to avail more than one SEO expert, if required.
  • Working with a company, you are mostly able to choose among different packages strategies and offers.
  • Search engine optimization is a long duration process, so to trust someone who has done a lot of work in this field is highly recommended.
  • Depending upon the performance of the website in question, the tasks you ordered and the given time frame, a company will provide you with reports regarding the progress of your project.
  • On the other hand, if you are thinking in hiring a SEO expert, the following reasoning will try to clarify a few questions:

  • A SEO Expert may quote a notable lower price than a SEO company can offer. When it comes to small budgets or small business SEO, the expert is your choice.
  • Knowing the expert personally, can be beneficial 'cause you are able to communicate with much more ease and frecuency.
  • The option of performance based SEO services are usually not provided by companies but often offered when only a single person is involved.
  • We take a different approach and offer performance based billing if you are willing to pay an upfront fee for the general research concerning your website's and competition's situation.

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    Image 01 Web Design

    If you like what you see in our portfolio, and if you want a new website, we'll be glad to here from you. Webdesign and site construction for companies and private use together with our consulting service will insure a good SE placement and the site ranking for YOUR desired search terms.

    Image 02SEO Service

    Our core Web Service is based on more than 15 years of SEO experience. Placing your website at the top of Google and other search engines in a fast and professional manner. We are experts in achieving YOUR goals the fastest and most natural way, exactly as Google likes.

    Image 03Hosting

    Several options of hosting accounts. Feel free to choose from Shared Server, VPS, Semi Dedicated and Dedicated Hosting Services from four different locations (Chicago, London, Stockholm, Sidney) depending on your marketing needs.

    Image 04Programming

    Your new website looks perfect, but now you want to have a shopping-cart, a forum or anything else added. Or maybe you want it completely secured against hackers. In either case, we can handle such tasks with ease.